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Featured in DeMode magazine

Truly excited to be featured as an author in the latest issue of DeMode Magazine - you can find me telling about all things writing and my book #ThoseWeTrust published with GenZ on page 10, just follow this link


​From disruptive culture to out-of-this-world literature, this issue celebrates the contribution of brilliant writers and their relentless need to question the way things work. The idea to come up with a separate literature issue in between fashion publications that we were already putting out on the stands since 2018 was very quick and unpredicted by the publishing company. It took one complete week to decide over separating the fashion issue and the literature issue, and finally, after long rounds of tea & coffee and unwanted arguments, the team was very confident about the literature issue. So, hereby we proudly present you the second literature issue of DE MODE for the months Oct-Nov-Dec 2021.

From gripping thrillers to literary gems, here are 25+ reads for winter by brilliant authors Gosia Nealon, Marie Jones, Cher Bonfis, Dominic Denvers, KT Luca, Tobi Rubinstein, Mitch Grey, Loni Hoots, Jeff Polak, Reed Logan Westgate, JoDee Neathery, Lainey Cameron, Sydnie Beaupre, Nadine Thompson, Mihret Adal Gidi, Shami Stovall, HF Cunningham, Michael Okeefe, Katrina Lewis, Len Handeland and others.

Enjoy reading DE MODE OF LITERATURE VOL IV. ISSUE XXIV and pick your top choices from the list of books inside. Rate us on Google if you like our work.

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