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Those We Trust in historic library

“Thank you for sharing your gift of story telling and writing. You are so talented! There is suspense, mystery, romance, and a story of self growth. I am so looking forward to your next book! I live in a small town (pop. 1600). The building that houses our library was built in 1788 (historic here in 🇺🇸😁), and was gifted to the town in 1961. It is is a non-profit corporation and relies on gifts and donations from members and the local community. I usually pass my books on to them, but…I enjoyed your book so much, and was so proud of you, that I had to keep my copy! But I also had to share it with the people of my community that wouldn’t be able to purchase a copy. I will definitely be encouraging friends and family to get a copy!”

Thank you so much Bonnie so touched my book is now in such an historic library .. and you wanted to keep a copy yourself. 💕 GenZ

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