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Stage 32 award!

So honoured and proud to receive this accolade today from Stage 32 for my pilot script based on my award winning book #ThoseWeTrust :

“I wanted to reach out and offer my congratulations for all of your success with Stage 32 this year. As you know, your writing talents landed you in a Stage 32 Lookbook which was sent out to over 500+ industry professionals, including managers, agents, producers, and executives.

This is a huge accomplishment. There are tens of thousands of scripts that pass through Stage 32 every year. Which means that if your script makes it into the lookbook, it is within the top 1% of ALL scripts to pass through Stage 32!”

Stage 32 and the executives working with them have been incredibly supportive and I’m so grateful to them.

Now to keep everything crossed that I will find a producer for my script. Wish me luck!!! #writersofinstagram #stage32 #screenwriting #awardwinner #pilotscript #tvwriting #lookbook

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What an awesome honor and accomplishment!! So excited for you!!

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