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One day to release!

ONE DAY TO RELEASE and I literally can’t wait to share THOSE WE SEEK!!!

#ThoseWeSeek is the sequel to multi award winning romantic thriller #ThoseWeTrust and now available to preorder as ebook .

Blurb for Those We Seek:

Still carrying the physical and mental scars following the brutal stabbing from her ex-husband, Richard, Sophia is struggling to put the attack behind her. On top of that, Richard remains on the loose, with her now husband, Marcus, desperate to catch him and bring down the fraud ring, whilst her former best friend, Aneella, awaits trail. When Richard contacts her demanding to meet, and Aneella refuses to confess to anyone but her, can Sophia find the strength and courage within her to face her betravers and protect the man she loves, no matter what the cost?

Be swept up once more in the beautiful, haunting Scottish Highlands as the story of Marcus and Sophia continues in this powerful follow on story...

Released 26th May 2023 with @genz_publishing ❤️📚Paperback and hardcover coming soon! #thosewetrustseries #thoseweseek #bookstagram #booklaunch #newrelease

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Almost here!! Ready to order!!

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