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#Doublerecommend on TV script!


Other exciting writing news!! 🥳🥳

I have been working on a limited TV series based on my book #ThoseWeTrust.

I’m so chuffed to tell you that through Stage 32 my script has received a Double Recommend for both Writer and Screenplay. Less than 1% of 1000s screenplays they receive each month receive this. My logline and bio now go out to 500+ industry executives with an opportunity to request my script. To say that I’m buzzing would be an understatement! Please keep everything crossed for me my friends 🤞🤞

And huge thank you once again for all the support for my book launch this week it has literally blown me away! If you can leave a review on where you brought my book and on Goodreads I will be eternally grateful and owe you a few drinks and hugs!! Xxx

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