Book sequel written!

The happy face of a #writer who has just finished writing her second book to follow #thosewetrust ! Always feel so incredible to finish a book and I’m so elated. I wanted to finish it before my birthday next Saturday and also within the year of publishing Those We Trust with @genz_publishing … and I did it! Thank you so much for all the support and encouragement from family, friends and my fabulous publishers ❤️❤️🥳🥳 Now time to crack open the bubbly I think 🍾🍾🥂🥂 #writin

Cachet Book Club

There’s nothing more exciting as an author than having a book club come together to enjoy reading and discussing your book! Thank you so much to Cachet Book Club in Scottsdale Arizona for the opportunity to send you a video and I’m so glad you enjoyed reading #ThoseWeTrust and to Roxanne who said “ I can’t wait to read the sequel!” #bookclub #bookhookup #bookstabuddies #bookclubs #genzpublishing #scottishromancenovel #scottishthriller #bookrecommendations

Merry Christmas 🎄 and thank you

On Christmas Eve 🎄 I wanted to take this chance not only to wish you, my gorgeous friends and readers, a really happy Christmas but also to say a really really big thank you for supporting me with the launch of of my book #ThoseWeTrust - every purchase, every share, every shout out, every review has literally meant the world to me - YOU ARE THE BEST ❤️❤️ #genzpublishing #scottishromancenovel #scottishromancethriller #bookstagram #christmaspost #christmasthankyou #writersofin

Author Interview

Thank you so much Christine from Literary Mama for having me and chatting all things writing and about my book #ThoseWeTrust published with @genzpub #scottishromancenovel #scottishthrillerbook #author #authorinterview #genzpublishing Posted @withregram • @cmconsolino The first author interview of December features @mariejoneswriter Her novel THOSE WE TRUST is out now from @genzpublishing Read about the origin story for the book, how important setting is to her work, and her i